How to know the correct sensitivity for duplicate frames option

By default it is set to 10, but I don’t know if I should increase or decrease it depending on the video to be processed. Is there any way to know which value would be the most appropriate?

Last I tested, it doesn’t do what the name sounds like it does.
If it is not 0 or unchecked, it makes the motion choppy.

I tried all models on a video that had a duplicate frame every fifth frame. No combination of model and “Duplicate Frames, Replace” ever corrected the motion.

For videos that don’t have duplicate frames, it cuts out motion of small objects. They tend to pop in and out of existence. Where if you have it off, their motion gets interpolated just fine.


Same experience for me. I think just removing supposedly double / doubled looking frames is too simple. This option has no clue about the fluidity of the video. I think it should analyze the motion to make it fluid again. This could also work on variable framerate videos when done right.

@ForSerious @Imo
Your observation is mainly on Frame interpolation (e.g. 30fps → 60fps) or is it also valid for Slow motion activity (without changing fps)?

I think my observation was about frame interpolation!

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Pretty sure I tried changing the frame rate from standard NTSC DVD 29.97 to 23.967. It wasn’t even able to drop the correct frames doing that. But yes, my main tests were interpolation to 60fps. That’s essentially the same as doing slow motion. The interpolated frames get played back at different speeds, but are the same.

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I never had issues with slow motions, at least not that I noticed. that is why I asked.