How To Increase Resolution of Photos

When I open the file it’s about 1.6 MB. After I use Topaz Photo AI and save the image the new image is around 600 KB. Is there a way to increase the file size or save the photo at a higher resolution? In other words saving the photo I just edited in Topaz Photo AI at a higher resolution. (Think saving it at 12 or max resolution when saving an edited image in Photoshop). I can’t find this feature in Topaz Photo AI anywhere. I tried going into Preferences and there’s nothing there. I have the latest version of Topaz Photo AI.

I generally do not use the Upscale feature but I do use Noise Reduction and Photo Sharpening almost all the time. The images don’t look bad at all in fact they look damn good; it’s just the file size is almost 1/3 what it was before I started editing the photo in Topaz Photo AI. I would think the file size would be larger than the original photo not smaller.

I hope people get what I am asking. If you were to edit a photo in photoshop you’d want to save it at maximum resolution to reduce noise, etc. That’s what I am asking to do here. I just can’t find where to save images at a maximum resolution in Topaz Photo AI Version 2.01. It looks like Topaz Photo AI automatically saves it at a certain resolution. I’d like to know if it’s possible to change that so every photo I edit automatically is set to save at maximum resolution.

On the save screen there are export settings. In the Format section you can set the JPEG Quality to 100%. It has a preserve input option, or you can switch to an uncompressed TIFF to preserve every pixel as is.


Thank you!

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