How to get the old Sharpen Ai?

Just learned about this software and downloaded the trial. One of the models in Sharpen AI (before it became PhotoAI) seems to work the best for a few star pictures – better than the sharpen function in Photo AI. Is there a way to buy Sharpen AI? Clicking the buy now button redirects to a page to buy Photo AI. Or would I be able to use the license for Photo AI to activate Sharpen AI instead?

I checked, and you’re right. You can still (for now, though likely not much longer) open the Topaz Labs product webpage for Sharpen AI, but there is no way to buy it. As far as I know, this is a very recent development. We knew it was going to be abandoned, but the timing was uncertain.

No, buying Photo AI will not enable you to activate Sharpen AI. If they won’t sell a new license to Sharpen AI specifically, you can’t do what you want to do.

I think that’s unfortunate. I have licenses to both Sharpen AI and Photo AI, but if I could only have one of those two apps, it would definitely be Sharpen AI. It is IMO Topaz’ best app, in terms of getting results that are hard to get so easily in another app. Sad to say, but Topaz Labs has a long history of abandoning apps. There are many more apps that have been abandoned than the ones still available for purchase. Not sure why they think that’s a good way to operate, but…