How to get DPI higher

What am I missing, I upscale and set ratio but still can not get a saved file with more than 96 dpi?

Do not worry about the saved dpi in the meta data. The dpi refer to your printer, not to the image and therefore the dpi in the meta data are only of a theoretical interest. The image itself is a fully digital thing. It has only pixels but no physical size you could measure in inches. That’s why it is unknown how many dots per inch the image has unless you print it to a physical paper where you can apply a ruler. If you want to calculate the needed pixel width to get the perfect size in inches on paper at the disired printing resolution please use my batch file. :slight_smile:

dpi to (262 Bytes)



Resolution can be controlled in the Preferences > Autopilot > Upscale & Resize menu.

You can change the Output Resolution using the dropdown menu and setting it to Set Default Resolution

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As I understand you with this image I am testing to run prints of with an AR of 2:3 for a 24x36" print and set to 7200 x 10800 pixels I do not need to be concerned that the DPI stated on the right is 72? Will this DPI setting be changed when I go to print? Not sure now why I have read that having 300 dpi is a benchmark to provide better print quality at all sizes. Thank you for your time and input!

Hello Nicholas,

I can not speak for the printing service and how they handle their machines. I don’t know for sure if they even read the metadata. A local printing service for example once told me after my confusion about wrong colors in my photos that they don’t even work with the attached color profile. If they print everything at 300 dpi no matter what the metadata say it will be perfect if you calculated and enlarged the pixel size before. I think that the goal regarding the printing quality is to fit as many printing dots into an inch as possible to get the sharpest and most detailed result. That’s why they suggest you to deliver as many pixels as needed when printing with 300 dpi.


Thanks, I appreciate your clarity on explaining that!

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