How to fix bad registration from scanning 8mm film

I have scanned some 8mm film with a wolverine scanner.
The mechanical registration is not very repeatable, so some frames are scanned higher or lower than others.
I was thinking of zooming out so that each 8mm frame is always fully scanned as well as the surrounding film and sprocket holes, but then need an automated way of cropping off the excess on each frame individually so that it gets back to just the original 8mm frame thereby avoiding this problem.
Whats the best way to do this?

Once you have scanned the entire film in and converted it to a digital video file, you can use the crop tool inside Video AI to crop out the edges and re-export the video.

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That’s not going to work in TVAI if the misregistration is intermittent, because the picture will jump at each instance. The misregistered frames have to be cropped differently from the rest of the video.

If you have a video editor that does keyframes and motion tracking you can try that, but you may not be able to set the tracking accuracy high enough for it to catch individual frames.

How often does this happen? If it’s just occasional single frames, you might try just deleting the problem frames.

Try stabilizing the video, and export the result (for example to ProRes). Then import the stabilized video, and crop it. If the misregistration is not too jumpy, this might work. If you are talking about half a frame up and down, then probably not, because each jump will be taken as a “scene change” that will restart stabilization.