How to disable 'new update' checks?

Every single time I enter any topaz tool it checks for updates, and requires me to click to bypass. Even if I invoke it 100 times on 100 different images, on the same day. At the very least, this check should be done at most once per day, and ideally there should be an option to disable it.

Does topaz really care about pro workflow and their users time ??? Don’t tell me that no one else is requesting this, as many other users I know are also annoyed by this. And it’s gotta be a simple change to make (I am a software developer).

A few times I’ve upgraded just to rid myself of the annoying pop-up. But i) this runs the risk of getting new issues, that one needs to dig themselves out from under, and ii) it only provides very temporary relief as there is often some new trivial update which causes the pop-up to re-appear.

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