Auto/manual check for updates (Pref) - all products

In this day & age, shouldn’t there be a Pref option to select whether you want to be prompted on start-up for a pending update? ie auto check versus manual check.

I get tired of remembering to click “No” every time I start TS2 (recently) and DeNoise (I therefore leave them open most of the time). I’d prefer to check manually. Sometimes the old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…” applies doubly for photo PP software.

Many/most of my other apps have a Prefs selection for this and it seems like an easy fix.




Yep, I’d vote for that.
I"d like to at least have the option of not seeing the update prompt. Particularly when I’m in a hurry and just want to get an image in and out as quickly as possible.

Please Topaz.

I understand that this is an old topic but nevetheless - I voted for that one too and I want to hopefully bring it to attention to TL developers.

It’s most annoying that you can’t switch off update notifications - especially if you’ve read about bugs in new versions here in the forum and you are not sure if you want to take the risk of replacing a version that currently seems to work for you with a version that might introduce unwanted artifacts in your images or some else weird behaviour.

Having to click the notification away every single time I open the app is quite unnerving.
Please, can we have options to choose from

  • Check for updates only once a day
  • Check for updates until a specified date
  • Ignore the currently found latest version
  • Never check for updates automatically

Thank you.

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Is it possible add an item in Help menu that we can choice Auto-update on or off.

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Every single time I enter any topaz tool it checks for updates, and requires me to click to bypass. Even if I invoke it 100 times on 100 different images, on the same day. At the very least, this check should be done at most once per day, and ideally there should be an option to disable it.

Does topaz really care about pro workflow and their users time ??? Don’t tell me that no one else is requesting this, as many other users I know are also annoyed by this. And it’s gotta be a simple change to make (I am a software developer).

A few times I’ve upgraded just to rid myself of the annoying pop-up. But i) this runs the risk of getting new issues, that one needs to dig themselves out from under, and ii) it only provides very temporary relief as there is often some new trivial update which causes the pop-up to re-appear.

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Well, this thread was created Nov 1999 so…just saying.

I’ve seen it here that you can try and block Topaz plugs from checking for updates by setting a firewall rule. Can anyone explain how to do this using Windows Defender?

My Topaz plugins have expired, and I’m not interested in renewing. But I still want to use the version I paid for without a nag every time I open it.

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Actually, I think I managed to do it… Open defender, go to Firewall & network protection, click Advanced… then set up your rules. Right click the Outbound rules on the left, and choose New Rule. Leave as Program, click NEXT, click browse and find your Topaz standalone app. Click NEXT and choose Block the connection. Click NEXT a couple of times, give it a name, then hit finish. Seems to work at least. :slight_smile:

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I use Norton Security. I went to the Security tab then clicked Settings > Firewall and got the window below. As shown, choose Program Control tab then scroll down to the Topaz programs and set to Block any that are nagging. This stops the nag but to update you would have to download an installer and run. You can’t update from within the Topaz program unless you change the setting back to allow.