How to delete an effect?

I created 2 new effects which as soon as my mouse touches one of them (in My Effects), crashes my computer. I know the problem is because of my video card. I would like to be able to delete those two effects and it would be OK if I could delete all of “My Effects”.

Please tell me how to do that???!!!


What product are you talking about and what OS is your PC?

Sorry, - I am talking about Topaz Studio, newest version, and I’m using Windows10 64 bit.


Firstly, if your video card is a Intel HD 5 or 6 series, you might be able to roll back to the last update by doing the following:

  • Open Device Manager, Right-click on the Windows Icon and select Device Manager
  • Expand Display Adapters
  • Double-click on your Intel® display device
  • Select the Driver tab
  • Click Roll Back Driver to restore if it isn’t greyed out.

If the presets are in the cloud and not on your PCs database just turn off the Public

Secondly to delete effects click on the 3 bars in the bottom Right-hand corner and select Delete from the drop down list:

If that doesn’t work go to the Help Menu and select Reset local database to see if that helps.

Don - I wasn’t able to even get to the 3 bars to get the drop down list. So, I did reset the database, and then it did let me get to those 3 bars and I was then able to delete the effects.

Thanks very much!!

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