How to contact support?

Ok, why is it such a chore to find the email address for support? As far as I know I don’t have an ad blocker engaged which seems to be the solution of choice but all I get is the “doc” page when I click on the Contact Us button but come on, even so, why should an add blocker be a problem? I have no problem contacting Adobe or DXO for example so why is it such a problem with Topaz. Just publish an email address under the heading of CONTACT US and save everybody a lot of heartache. I’m no computer genius for sure and maybe I’m missing some obvious solution to my problem but that’s still no excuse for making it so difficult to get help.

Hey j.phil
It’s really pretty simple, follow this link

or the link on the bottom of the page - Support.

It will take you to a new page that will look like this and the blue box on the right hand side is a email contact form. If you don’t see the box you may be blocking pop-ups. Once you send the form support will contact you, normally within 24 business hours. It works pretty well, I’ve used it and team works to resolve your issues or communicates their strategy if they have challenges. Hope this helps!


Or mail to


And don’t use FireFox as it has pop-up blocker on by default.

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Hey AiDon, just as an FYI, I run FireFox and have no problems launching the support page. The screen shot above is from FF 122.0.1

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Hey mhorowitz et al, thank you for helping out. Unfortunately the link takes me to the page shown but the “blue box” doesn’t appear. Yes I use Firefox like mh, as do a lot of us. So why does the link work for mh and not me? Can anyone suggest any tweeks to Firefox that would help? If the email Imo suggests truly connects you to Topaz support (I haven’t tried it yet) that will be an elegant solution, how simple. I still can’t understand why Topaz doesn’t conveniently lay out the email for support in plain sight on it’s home page. Again, thanks everybody.

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j.phil, it is weird…

Have you tried this: FIREFOX (WINDOWS) Select the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner. Select settings. Select the Privacy and Security tab. To disable the pop-up blocker, under permissions uncheck the Block pop-up windows box below Permissions**.

For support you need to click on the blue callout on the bottom, right … it should appear on ALL pages on the web site:

After clicking this should appear:

Then click on Ask and select what you want to do:

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Nice catch but so weird, when I go to the page it doesn’t require me to hit a prompt. It may have the first time I reached out for support and just don’t remember.

Nicely done!

mhorowitz, thanks for your suggestion but it doesn’t matter if the Firefox ad block is on or off, there is still no access to Topaz support and I don’t have any other ad blocking apps installed. However, on a hunch I accessed Topaz from my laptop and that blue box on the right side of the screen does appear. I’ve checked Firefox on both the laptop and desktop machines and they both have Firefox setup identically; especially both have the ad block for Firefox enabled. Being not that computer literate I have no idea of why I have this problem with the desktop and not the laptop but at least I have a way of getting help from Topaz. My original question was where do I download older versions of Photo AI. Usually I keep the installation files for each new iteration so that if I find the next updated version doesn’t work I can download the older version that I knew did work. I thought I had lost the file but found it this afternoon. I’ve now downloaded the new version of PhotoAI and it works perfectly so this quest is now a moot point. But I have to ask again why not just post the contact email for support in plain sight, like right under the Topaz postal address found at the bottom of each page? Enough said. Again, thank you and the others for offering to help.

That is a little weird.

Here’s a link to all the releases, both Windows and Mac. The download links are normally in the first post.

I’m glad everything worked out!

Thank you mh, that’s good to know.