How to change the default DPI in Upscale from 75 dpi

It is something that I always do - it would be nice to be able to set up my prefs rather than just the default.

As said, your image is not a physical thing and can not be measured in inches and therefore has no “dots per inch”. Your image has only pixels. It is x pixels wide and y pixels tall. Even if you save will say 300 dpi into the meta data but print it with 600 dpi the output size will not match your expectations!

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 6.43.52 PM
I understand what resolution is.
This is what I would like to be able to set as a preference.

Currently is is set at px 72 dpi –
Running it at the numbers I have set allows me to not overshoot or have to remember in my head the number of pixels.

As said.

You can go to Preferences > Upscale & Resize > Output Resolution > Set Default Resoultion to set your resolution to your desired default output.

More information:

Topaz Labs Documentation

Topaz Photo AI | Features | Autopilot & Configuration | Upscale & Resize

Thank you
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I wanted it in prefs - it was already :man_facepalming:

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We’re ahead of the game :wink: