How to change display name?

My display name is showing my real, full name… and then my moniker… I can’t seem to change it nor can I suppress it being displayed.

It shows: xxxx.xxxxx Bruce in Philly

I want to change the xxxx.xxxxx or suppress it being displayed.

Thank you,

Bruce in Philly

Hi Bruce, follow these steps:

  • Click on your icon in the top right
  • On the top of the drop-down panel you will see your current username, click on that
  • Then click on Preferences
  • Change your Name
  • Press Save changes

Thank you,

But doing this does not allow me to change my “Username” … It does allow me to change “Name”. Since I have both, it shows both in the forum and the “Username” is what I want to either change or suppress.

Bruce in Philly

Hi Bruce, It is at the top of the changeable info …


Change that, if you can’t just message me and I will change it for you.

Thanx Don, the little edit pen does not show for me. Odd. The pen is there for Picture and “Name” but not “Username”. Further, I can’t seem to message you. … visited your profile etc… Apparently there is some security level that I fall below… maybe.

Please change it to Bruce.Philly … thanx so much.

Bruce in Philly

Done Sir …