How to batch-process hundreds of images with Gigapixel AI via a Photoshop droplet?

I need to batch-process (completely automatically) hundreds of images with Gigapixel AI.

I was able to make a Photoshop “action” and “droplet” that calls Gigapixel, but when I drop images in my droplet, Gigapixel requires that I press the “Apply” button to process the image it loads, and then that I manually save it. That does not work for me.

Question: Is there a way to configure Gigapixel so that:

  1. I can set the parameters to use (e.g. I want that scaling, I want that percentage denoise etc)

  2. I can tell Gigapixel to automatically apply my settings with no human intervention

  3. I can tell Gigapixel in what type of file I want the output to be saved

Since I have way to many images to load them together in Gigapixel, I need to be able to to the batch processing with Photoshop a droplet (or action), so that only one images gets loaded and processed at a time.

Is there a way to do that?

If not, when will this be possible? There is a critical need need to be able to batch process hundreds or thousands of images in a completely automated manner.