How to apply multiple presets on top of one another in Topaz Studio?

Is there a tutorial video explaining clearly how to add different presets (from the left hand categories) on one image Topaz Studio?

I have seen many videos but non specifically on this topic and the ones I have viewed are not helpful.

I want to load an image in TS, apply a preset and then apply another preset to the result. When I try to do this, the initial preset is simply replaced by the new one.

Is this at all possible?

One way is to understand how each preset is constituted…and then when you have the first preset ope, add the individual elements of the second preset (one by one) and save as a new preset! Laborious I know, but unless I am mistaken, it’s the only method.

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After you’ve added an effect, click on the apply icon (just below the right bottom corner of the main image screen). That will create a new version of your image (albeit with the first effect flattened and baked in) in the image well at the bottom - select that image (or set your preferences to automatically select it) and then you can add another effect.


Thank you for the reply. This works very well when using Adjustments and also using the presets. Apparently I was overlooking the step of clicking the “Apply” icon.

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Thank you for your reply! I have tried the tips supplied by pmeach in this thread and it seems to work for the presets as well as for adjustments.