How do i make part of an image transparent in studio

Created black and white high contrast image in studio through monochrome settings ( and a little pushing and shoving the sliders. want to make part of the image (the white), transparent so as to add sky later- and save as a tiff. tried masking (which i do not understand), but cannot use brush because white areas not contiguous; tried color, but got completely bolloxed up, and image was not saved with transparency- in fact i saw no way to delete the parts that i thought i had masked. please explain!

In order to save the transparency…use the mask icon on the left hand bottom of the interface. When the masking option comes up on the right hand side open the masking menu and choose alpha mask. When you mask, it will change the area to a transparency. Save As .tsp file. When you reopen it the image will have retained the transparency.

I’m trying to make the sky in a picture transparent so a sky inserted behind it will show through
The picture has many little structures and lines in it so the sky that I want to make disappear can’t be removed by using the brush
When I use the alpha mask the whole picture turns transparent
How do I keep what I want and get rid of the sky?

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The easiest way is to upload the building picture and the sky picture to Studio. as Image layers. The sky being the background. The building image as the foreground. Use the masking brush on the building image and the sky will come up. The masking brush to the left will completely mask the area, to the right will bring up the original sky Reduce the brush radius and softness to cut around the buildings as close as possible. If you go too far you can reverse the process to bring it back and try again…If you need to refine it further use the Adjust to feather and/or extend the mask. Explaining this is difficult but maybe the image of what I’ve done will help.

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Explanation is fine, but your building is a cohesive unit
I’m trying to remove the sky around a picture of the wonder wheel in Coney Island and it’s lots of open spaces within the structure
I’ll keep trying thanks

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Do you have Remask? If you do, use the Plug-in in Studio to delete the sky…Use the result as a foreground, sky as background. Quick Remask job…not the easiest subject to tackle…:slight_smile:


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Tried that - it made too much transparent
Going to take a lot of work to mask out the structure

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Looking at the image you are trying to mask I don’t think there is any easy way other than masking using ReMask. Blow it right up to maximum to get those fiddly bits and use shift and click to create the straight lines. It will take some time. Until you are certain always save your mask in ReMask (bottom left menu).

I didn’t post my image yet!
You couldn’t have been looking at it!

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This makes it very easy to find your subject, to make our own attempt :slight_smile:

I found this image very quickly:

Joe…Not clear, is this a Remask process result you’ve done? My example up above was a very quick render to bring out the transparency since I didn’t want to spend the time just to give an illustration, Certainly more time would have to be spent to get a better result. Those thin lines can get lost in the wash.

Sorry - I didn’t actually edit that photo. I was only showing how easy it was to get a copy of a photo that contains the subject the OP mentioned. He stated:

This is why I posted the same subject from a different angle. I suppose I could mask that image, but you have already done a pretty great job at showing off the software :slight_smile:

LOL…I found an image probably the same way…but as you can see…I didn’t pick up that thin wiring. If I were using an actual photo rather than a low resolution web image, I would expect they would be easier to pick up. Using the Color Range brush would probably be the way to go to clear out the small spaces.

Yes - Color Range is the best way. I can give it a shot if the OP doesn’t believe it can be done… I enjoy a challenge :slight_smile:

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ok- i tried again with a building that was in one contiguous piece. i had a picture of a sky, and placed it in studio and did the same with the building. then i tried to mask- first i tried with the luminosity brushm, since the building was a light bright color. it seemed to mask it ok- but when i hit “done”, nolthing changed in the picture. Trying to make the original sky disappear, and it wont go.