How do I export my image sequence to video?

I can’t use handbrake but how do I get the images into video form again? I don’t know how ffmpeg works and people keep suggesting it I’m so confused please I need help.

Most every video editing app can import image sequences and export them as videos.

yeah but how? I have a folder that has a 2k jpgs cause its an 11min video.

Depends on your editor. Typically, you import the images, make sure they’re in the proper order, then export/save video. With some you specify the framerate, with others you have to calculate the actual duration of each frame and enter that to get the framerate.

I think you can also import images into TVAI and export as video without enhancement, but I’ve never tried doing that so I don’t know for sure.

If the images are named as a number sequence, you can open the first image in TVAI, and it will treat it like a movie. You just have to set the input frame rate and it should work normally after that.

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