How do Adobe’s Lightroom changes affect Topaz users

I use LR and PS around my core product TS.

I believe others here do too.

Other companies like On1 and Luminar offer, or are planning to offer, photo organizing software.

How are users of TS thinking of relating to the technology changes going on now?

Don, I am currently looking to change my work flow in order to “dump” Photoshop and eventually LRCC/Classic. I have been using Affinity Photo in place of PSCC in quite a few of my editing tasks now that Studio and Photo are playing well together. I am also trying LRCC as I do like the idea of the availability of images anytime, anywhere on my devices and cloud storage. I am not sure how successful I will be in migrating away from Adobe products but I am going to work toward that end

When and if there is a comparable file organiser to LR, then Adobe will be out the door as far as I am concerned. I have spent the last two months trying to see if I can work without Photoshop which I can, quite easily. The stumbling block is always the file organiser.

I’ve tried other organisers but nothing come close yet.


You commented Studio and Photo (Affinity) are playing (better) together.

How so?

As I’ve mentioned in a different thread, I use the desktop version of LR, specifically version 5.7. My thought is, if you really like LR but don’t need or want cloud support, you should get your hands on 5.7 or 6.x desktop version. At least on Windows, you should be good for several more years since those versions work well on Windows 10. That should allow plenty of time to discover alternatives and migrate away from Adobe without the constant headaches from cloud updates.

My workflow starts with LR. I do my raw conversion and basic adjustments there. I think of it as LR is where I develop my film. I have not found any single piece of software that comes close to the ease, efficiency, and quality with which I can apply lens profiles, chromatic aberration corrections, basic distortion adjustment, camera models, cropping and straightening of the horizon, spot removal and basic cloning, basic sharpening and noise reduction, curves, and all the basic sliders as provided in LR. This is why I never seriously considered moving to CC. Or maybe it’s because I’m somewhat impervious, though not 100%, to the lure of greener grass. :sunglasses:

So essentially, the latest LR changes have no effect on me due to prior decisions. I’ll continue with my current workflow, explore alternatives and tweaks as opportunities arise, and wait patiently for Topaz, Affinity, RawTherapee, or the like to get closer to LR’s elegance at developing my film.

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I was referring to the fact that Studio can now be launched from Photo. That was not the case just a few weeks ago.

Thanks… That might be very handy… Now if Tomas could be launched from the iPad version of Photo

Have you tried On1?

Yes I have, but I never developed a decent work flow while using it

Many of us now use Capture One rather than Lightroom as it has a DAM and a far better RAW converter than LR (for me anyway)

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Capture One seems hugely expensive, the equivalent of over two years worth of Photoshop, how often do they change versions?

I’m not sure, I didn’t upgrade to v9 so my expenses were:

C1 8 - 19/09/2014 69 Euro
C1 10 - 05/10/2017 89 $$

So, if I add v9 in there it would have been about 250USD over 3 years.

They tend to update every 1-2 years, but the purpose for me is that it is a perpetual licence.

Yes, I forgot about the upgrade price once you own it. I found the up front price £60 cheaper on Amazon, too. Maybe it’s a goer. I’ll complete the trial then decide.


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Have you considered Alien Skins Exposure X3. LR like although not all the bells and whistles yet, but very useable imo.

Thanks. I have exposure that I use for its vignette function. Didn’t remember its organizing functions

agreed, and it works with layers!