How can I install free trial of ReMix?

I visited the website and it said that when you purchase Topaz Studio you get a free trial of ReMix. I already own TS but don’t see ReMix in my Adjustments menu even after updating adjustments. I may be overlooking something obvious, but I don’t want to purchase ReMix without trying it out first.

It should appear as AI Remix in the Adjustments list, you will need to make sure version 1.8.3 (current ) is installed then open an image, select AI Remix (it will be in Black rather than the Blue in the image posted below) from the Adjustments list and then click on Try Pro, bottom LH corner of the adjustment, and you will have 30 day trial.

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I had the same issue, but eventually found it, as the moderator’s screenshot shows, listed in the “Adjustments” list on the right-hand side of the screen. I don’t see it in “Adjustments” in the top menu bar.

It should be there as in the screen shot below, if it isn’t and you are on v1.8.3 please raise a support request at the Studio link in the header …

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Thanks Don, it is there now. It wasn’t before though, honest. But with the mere threat of a support request, up it pops!.

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Thank you, Don. My problem was that I didn’t have version 1.8.3 installed.

After updating to 1.8.3 I found the adjustment in the menu and was able to click on Try Pro. I had to delete the adjustment and call the adjustment again from the menu to get the Pro setting interface. :slight_smile:

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I’m confused on the issue of having to purchase this adjustment. I thought that, as an owner of the complete adjustment package (Pro Pack??) that it would be included. Other adjustment additions to date have been, but this one won’t move past wanting me to buy it. Can someone clarify?

When you purchase the Pro Pack you get all the adjustments available at that time. As more adjustments are added the pack price increases and owners have to purchase the new ones. Adjustments that form part of the In Studio version of any legacy plug-in you own are added to your pack free.