How can I get TVAI to run faster on my system?

I have i9 10th gen 64 GB machine with AMD Radeon RX 640 GPU but Video AI is running so slow that it is pretty useless. Can you please suggest what options to put in preference to improve performance

For a 15 second 1080 video stabilization it is taking 1 hour. For 1 minute video showing 6 hours. These are too high for practical usage.

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If not already using ‘Auto’ under GPU selection, try that.

Also note that 30 series GPUs are usually much faster than 10 series in TVAI (if you have that). My 3060 ti is nearly 4 times faster on Artemis upscaling than my 1070 ti in the same machine - both set to “Auto” (I swapped the GPUs to test).

You don’t give much system info though, or if you are doing other TVAI processing as well.

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Tried that but not use. Upscaling a 30 sec 1080P video to 4K it is showing will take 18 hours

Sounds like you either don’t have a GPU or have an iGPU, or you’re using a laptop. I’ve never heard of an i10. That sounds suspiciously fake.

If you list out your CPU, GPU, and storage drive, I think we can figure out what’s going on.

You are wrong in all your guess - It is a desktop, have Radeon GPU.

You are using a derogatory comment by using words like “fake” when it is you who is unaware of intel i10 processor which is there for months. I do not need any help from people like you

Share a link to the specifications of an i10. I googled it before making the claim that it is fake, and found nothing. Again, there are several Radeon GPUs even ones made by ATI.
I’m sorry tactful skepticism comes across erroneously derogatory to you. Since that is the case, please pretend someone else asked you those questions, and answer them. Or don’t. And don’t get help here.

I don’t need any help from you. You are not the only one in this group to state whether I will get help or not.

Thanks to DaveL for your comment.

I think your main issue is the GPU. It is underpowered as RX640 is slightly slower than an average GeForce MX330 …

If you want faster processing, I recommend you get a faster graphic card.
IMO, RX640 is too weak for computation-intensive AI processing.
You can pick a RTX 3060 ~ RTX 4090 (depending on your budget).

According to video card benchmark (PassMark),

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Thank you. I see the point. Mine is 10% of RTX 3060 you referred. Let me check

RX 580 is much slower than my GTX 1070 ti which I posted about earlier, then switched to a 3060 ti. So if you get an RTX 3060 ti like mine, I would expect TVAI to run at least 5 times faster than now. 3060 ti dual fan cards have come way down in price recently but obviously going higher should produce evan faster results.

Thank you Dave. This really helps. I have contacted Dell as it is within extended warranty. Exploring teh right cards the desktop can handle

One question: In Amazon I am seeing different companies selling RTX 3060 ti . Which one to go for?

3060 ti is 3060 ti though I tend to go for Asus if their price is competitive. That’s just personal pref though, I wouldn’t pay much extra just because it’s an Asus. Card dimensions need checking too to make sure they will fit in your case. Amazon ain’t necessarily the cheapest either.

I think you need to take a serious look at the way you are answering. In fact the op said he had a i9 10th gen if you read the first post.

Please tone down your answers and check the facts before posting.

This is a user to user forum and people come here for help.

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I understand why ForSerious reply that message. :handshake:

Because I remember when OP first created the Topic, he only mention i10 CPU 64GB and no GPU info. I didn’t know what is a i10 CPU as well when I first read the post, I did a google search and found nothing. :sweat_smile:

OP has edited the original post afterward.

Note: In the past, we can click the :pencil2: icon to view change, but now we can’t.

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My apologies I didn’t see the original post … In any case we should still read what we are replying to before writing a reply.

We should also bear in mind this is a user to user forum and people come here for help.

Note: it’s only Admin, Mod’s and Leaders that can view what was changed. That’s why you should always quote the original before replying.

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Look at my quote of their original post. They edited it. Yes it looks negligent on my part now, but it didn’t before the edit.
I was worried they had bought a computer on ebay or the like and that’s what the listing had said. Either way, we couldn’t know from the original post.

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