How can I find my bookmarked pictures?

(Artisan-West) #1

I’m trying to find a list of my uploaded pictures, most of which I have clicked on the bookmark icon. I can’t find anything that says bookmarks or a way to list all the pictures. Can Don or someone enlighten me on this? Thanks

(Linda) #2

Click on your icon in the upper right corner
Then click on your name

Then on the left side you will see Bookmarks

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(Artisan-West) #3

Thanks Linda. I was looking for the word Bookmarks. I’m sure this will be of help to others too.

(Linda) #4

Is it not the one I mentioned on the left side after you click on your username? Here is another screenshot:

(Artisan-West) #5

I clicked on the bookmark icon and it went to Activities > Bookmarks.