How can I back date to a version prior to the "improved" UI

Fix the UI or I want my money back.


You can find all the releases by version here for download:

Download the preferred version locally, uninstall the current version and restart you computer. Once you are back up locate the downloaded file and install.

Thanks for the information on prior releases. It makes me wonder, however, why did I just pay you for a license renewal if I am unable to use the “new” versions. I was better off before. Mark me down as very unhappy.


Glad it worked out Frank. I understand that you are disappointed but be confident that your license renewal won’t be a waste of money. The Topaz team is working to resolve the problems and it will be a short term challenge for those having issues.

It’s strange because I am running a Windows 11 OS and the current version is working for me. It’s not 100% but I am getting pretty good results. I ran this image in about 3 minutes and saved it without any issues. I didn’t do any post processing other then TPAI.

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My issue is not with the functionality of the software, it is with the user interface. The old interface was straightforward and user friendly. The new one is neither. I am not interested is spending my digital darkroom processing time figuring out the new interface, the old one was just fine. Unless the 2.4 UI is either modified or there is an option to use the old interface, I will stay at 2.3 until it no longer works. Then I guess I will find another option.


I’m with you 100% on this. I HATE the new interface.


I also prefer the previous interface. It was a lot clearer and a lot easier to use. Also, I feel as though the images don’t look as good after being edited in the new version. Running on Windows 11, with RTX4080 and 32GB i9

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post osolete. never mind.

Your point?

I also despise this new UI. WHO in the UI team thought this was good. I went to run a couple images through last night after upgrading and spent 10 minutes trying to figure out where the options and tools were.

This might have saved you a few minutes

Yeah, it’s not great–bells and whistles at the expense of usability.