How big of a speed difference will an RTX 4090 make compared to a GTX 1660?

I’ve been trying to figure out what factors in a computer’s build will affect processing time in VEAI. I have a fairly good computer, the 32 gigabytes of ram and Ryzen 7 being the heavy hitters but it only has an NVidia GTX 1660 in it.
Now I’m wondering, how much faster would processing be if I got the computer that shows up on this list for 3600 dollars,DESKTOP
Would that beast of a computer render faster and if so, how much faster?
I’ve been considering buying an overly powerful computer specifically for running Topaz Video Enhance and other computationally heavy programs 24/7 for max efficiency but I actually want something that can increase the processing speed so that upscaling an hour long video won’t take 13 hours and will take more like 5 or something.

The RTX 4090 would be significantly faster than the GTX 1660 in Video AI. I’d recommend browsing the User Benchmark results section of the forums for a better idea of how much faster a 4090 will run.

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Thanks Tony! I’ll check it out :slight_smile: