Hopelessly lost on GPU

I am deciding on upgrading VE but the reason would be to upscale and stabilize and enhance old camera movies. I just tested one 2 minute movie and it took 2 hours to do what I want. I guess I would need to upgrade graphics card from my NVIDIA K2200 (in a i7-9700 CPU @ 3.00GHz). I could probably afford up to about $500 for maybe a 3060 but I would love to know how much difference this would make (both for VE and photo apps)… is it worth it? ballpark, would sort of improvement would I see??

This is just me looking at not-so-useful benchmark sites and guesstimating: A GTX 1060 should double your speed. An RTX 3060 should almost double the 1060 speed, and an RTX 3080 is yet another significant speed improvement over a 3060.

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@ Oatnog hey if you send me a test file i could tell you my processing speed or help ya processing video files if I get it done in an acceptable time. Have an rtx 2070 super. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know the NVIDIA K2200 and the specification of your video, but I use a NVIDIA RTX3060 with 12 GB in an AMD 5800G @4.5GHz.
With that configuration upscaling and enhancement to FullHD load CPU @ 15%, GPU 60-89% (memory @ 3/12GB), and it delivers about 7fps

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Thanks for this offer. Not sure I could afford that one. I’m going to take my time and learn more and then probably upgrade my whole system

Thanks – I should have looked for benchmarks myself but it seemed so multidimensional, and so dependent on other features like memory and CPU.
I’ve just determined that I can select “NVidia” as an output encoder which was not the default (it was using Intel)… however when I do so it complains about an out of date driver, which is as updated as I can make it. So maybe that’s also my problem. For now I’ve gone back to VE 2.6 (which I needed to reinstall because the trial must have corrupted something).

Thanks for this. This might be the sort of system I will aim at (for Christmas)

Yeah, you have to avoid NVENC output to not get that message. They have not come out with a quadro driver that TVAI accepts yet. But the driver is only for if you select NVENC.

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After reading this article, I thought it would be useful if topaz prepared a test movie and a processing command, and displayed the time and system configuration of the user’s processing results.
If you have a similar configuration and your machine is very slow, you know something is wrong, and it’s also a good indicator to upgrade your system.


This is an excellent idea. Even better if some sort of benchmark video + setting were baked into the software. There’s so many moving parts, and a users’ experience with this software can be utterly miserable if the first thing they try crashes of takes all day.

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It will probably only use 30% of the available power so…