Historical association with the Virgin Mary lends qualities of holiness, faith and purity to this blossom


I love this effect. Would you share your work flow to a newbie. I don know where to start.

In brief.
I generally shoot exposure bracketed.
I convert all to dng in lightroom and use LR to combine my HDR images.
I use LR to adjust saturation and hue.
I use Photoshop to “heal” and retouch
I go to Topaz Studio and And generally run about three Remixes. Each Remixx opacity is low (10 to 25%) each is applied one at a time.I usually include one black and white “sketch” like Remixes with very low opacity
Back in Photoshop I may blend my “finished” work with the original (at an opacity of about 75%)
I Vignette using Alien Skin Exposure or Lightroom.

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Thank you very much for that. I have ps cs6 ad topaz studio and a few of the older plug ins, so will now get ready mix.

This is a real beauty.

Thamnks @digital2006