Historgram features


A few VERY useful aspects of the histogram in LightRoom are:

  • The little triangles that indicate highlight and shadow clipping.
  • The related clipping colors directly on the image.
  • The primary area of the histogram affected by a given slider is highlighted when using or hovering over that slider.
    For example:

Exposure mostly affects the middle

Highlights mostly affects the portion between exposure and whites.

  • You can also click and drag directly on the histogram to adjust any of the 5 zones - blacks, shadows, exposure, highlights, whites.
  • The colors are also a bit toned down which makes the histogram a bit easier on the eyes

It would be great if any or all of these features could be integrated into Topaz Studio and plug-ins that have histograms.

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I agree, the more functionality in Studio… the better for our one stop workflow edits.

I agree that clipping indicators are currently very much missed.

As a minimum addition, it would be appreciated as a feature enhancement.



I sometimes return to LR and discover my Topaz processing has introduced a bit of clipping that I couldn’t detect while in Topaz and can’t fix once back in LR.

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ACDSee also has this functionality. It would be great if it could be added to Studio.

+1 Much needed :slight_smile:

PT Photo Editor also has on-image under/over clipping.