Hip to be square

Playing with my new acquisitions - Pastel Squares from Daily Textures.

In Studio: image adjustment, color overlay, color theme, texture adjustment, Impression (as adjustment and as enhancement), and other tweaks


Nice series of images, I like how the bird & frog images pop and the softness of the flower images.


This serie is a “chef d’œuvre” de photographie romantique ! Wow !


very nice work on all of these, and cool squares

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These are beauties. Love them!

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Very nice work

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Nice. Love those frogs!

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I love the bird and the croci/crocuses! :smiley:

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You have always produced great art (breathtaking), but I am really in love with your older techniques. I am saying this out of love for you and your work. I am softhearted I would not have mentioned it but it was out of love for your wonderful work.