Help with enhancing old footage - enhancement 'limit' reached?

Hi, I’m new to Video Enhance AI, and I tried to improve old video footage.

I chose the Artemis low quality option because it seemed like it should improve it the most.
But when viewing the results I get this:

Edit: It says I can’t embed media in posts?

The AI is ‘overdoing’ footage on certain areas but underdoing at others. E.g. the traffic officer isn’t enhanced at all, and the cars look weirdly overly done.

If I take it a step down, Artemis medium quality, hardly anything happens.

I know there are the custom options with the sliders and all, but I don’t really know what I am doing.

What I’m basically starting to wonder is, is it even possible to restore this footage when it’s this poor quality? And if so, what model would best fit it?

Maybe also try the Proteus mode where you can adjust and fine tune your settings. Please be aware that Proteus uses your settings for the whole video later even if you preview settings on single frames. Maybe upload a version of your video so we might do some helpful tests with different modes too!