Help with a new PC build for VEAI

I haven’t owned (or really even used) a PC in 15 years so I just want to know where I should focus for maximum performance converting lots of short lower quality (SD/web) video. I’ll probably need to deinterlace some, and maybe run something like DAIN to interpolate frames.

Graphics card - I’m thinking the RTX 3090’s 10k CUDA cores are what I really need. Dual 2080s or Titan RTX worth exploring? They’re still less cores than one 3090. Are AMD cards a bad idea since there aren’t CUDA cores? I know they’re supposed to be releasing something new next week.

CPU - I see the Topaz software is optimized for Intel, so again, would AMD be a bad idea? What do I want to look for here to optimize performance? 10th gen i9?

RAM - is 128gb overkill? Will speed and latency have a big impact (DDR4-3000 vs 4400 for example)

I think those are the main things to focus on. Motherboard, PSU, storage, etc. can all be decided on once I have those main items locked.

SSDs make all the difference!

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Oh yeah, I should have included my intent to use dual 2tb Samsung m.2s.

So I’ve acquired a 3090. Now the question is do I want to get the latest generation AMD CPU that supports PCIe 4.0 or do I go with a 10th gen Intel with only PCIe 3.0 but supports VINO… can anyone weigh in here?

In case anyone finds this thread in the future, I think I’m going with a Threadripper CPU for cores as well as PCIe 4.0 support.