Help me to take the last step out of Adobe

With LR6 not longer supported for Mac, I really want to take that last step away from adobe.

I only use LR6 for organizing my photos and I do all or most of my editing in Topaz now a days. I have a hard time to understand what a good replacement for LH6 could be that also works good with Topas Studio.

Anyone here that are happy with another solution? If so, have you been able to migrate old pics and setting (LR adjustment, rating, …) from LR6 to the new tool?

Edit: I am on Mac and intend to stay there

Adobe Bridge? It’s free isn’t it? No idea how it integrates with Topaz products.
Be wary: There is no indication that Topaz will continue to develop Studio and at present it is not compatible with Big Sur or the new Macs.


You might take a look at Photo Supreme to organize & manage your images.

There is a LR import/exchange step although I haven’t personally used it.


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In case anyone is interested.
I have decided to test Exposure X6. It looks like a good alternatives to lightroom when it comes to my use case. It is claiming to be future proof for MacOS and it is a fully perpetual license instead of Adobes subscription crap. It looks like CaptureOne has gone the same path.
My biggest concern is how good Exposure’s Lightroom migration tool is. I have 10y of pictures in Lightroom coming from 4 different brands of cameras, various versions of raw formats and plenty of edits. I can see a lot of things going wrong there.
If that doesn’t work, On1 is my next option.

For anyone else going down this road, I (personally) would recommend keeping uncoupled your file mgt (DAM) from your image post-processing. My .02, but YMMV.


I wish I had that insight earlier. I am lucky though as I have used Topaz and other tools for my advanced editing for the last 3y but I still have a lot of pics with only LR adjustment… such a pain.

As an update: I have totally abandon the idea of migrating LR setting into a new tool. On1 has really tried to solve that but it seems not to be good enough when I tried it.

By LH I assume you mean LR!
I used the LR migration tool when I switched to On1 and agree that it’s far from perfect. I would also be wary of the tool offered by Exposure. I recently heard of a third party option, but can’t find the link.
I don’t use keywords or sophisticated metadata, so the DAM in On1 is perfectly good for my needs

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Johan, Capture One offers both perpetual license or subscription. You can work with catalogs or sessions.

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Thanks, I totally missed that on their webpage. I think CaptureOne will be my fallback solution if nothing else works. I have both Canon and Sony cameras so the license becomes pretty steep.

I have tried On1 for a day now on Mac Catalina, it seems to buggy for me. I switch between external and laptop display (sitting at my desk or in the couch) and On1 doesn’t resize UI components without me restarting the app. I can live with that but it also seems to have problem working with my NAS while exporting/rendering and makes my Mac to reboot causing the latest edits disappear.

Yeah, don’t know why I constantly types H instead R :wink:

I can’t help you with your On1/NAS issues, but I do know that the On1 experts recommend having your scratch disc on an separate external SSD. I did do that for about six months until I bought a more powerful MacBook mid-year. Everything is now on my internal drive, except for older image files. I have had few issues, none major.
If you are using two monitors don’t you have to use On1’s dual mode?
Might I suggest you raise your issues on the On1 user forums. There are two moderators there, one being a Mac user, who are extremely knowledgable and will come up with suggestion sometimes within minutes of posting.

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Unless I am mistaken, there is a very low cost (free?) version of C1 for Sony owners. It might be the Express version, I’m not sure. I’m not aware if the same applies for Canon or not.

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No, none for Canon yet from CaptureOne.

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I know you are mainly looking for DAM which works great in C1. You should also consider the fact that in C1 you can create layers (max. 16) for adjustments, heal/clone, luminosity etc. etc. I am shooting RAW (95+%) and can do most of my edit work with the RAW files in C1 which is great. If needed I work with Affinity Photo


I am 100% convinced that C1 is a very good tool. Using different brands of cameras and the steep price tag makes me look at other options though.
I am still testing but right now, Exposure x6 has become my front runner. Like you describe C1, I can see myself doing more edits inside that tool than I did in LR6.