Help Intel Iris Plus Graphics Card

Hi folks, I recently acquired a Win 10 pro laptop that has an Intel Iris Plus Graphics Card. The only Topaz program I can’t get to work is my favorite, TS1. Since it is no longer supported I can’t submit a ticket to technical support and am hoping of any of you have had this problem you might have a suggestion. I also couldn’t find any information regarding unsupported graphic cards.

It installed but when I start it, I see the splash screen, it gets about half way through, then disappears. I made sure all drivers are up-to-date.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
@AiDon any ideas?

Thanks all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi Linda, it is underpowered but the app should be able to run and work. When you say you upgraded the drivers make sure that they come from the pc manufacturer and not Intel. Also let me know what the actual graphics card is.

Merry Christmas to you also.

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Hi Don, thanks for moving the post, I didn’t think I could post it there.
Device manager just shows Intel Iris Plus Graphics card and Graphics Info from TS2 shows the same definition.
OpenGL Driver: 3.30- Build
CPU Ram: 32537 MB
Video Ram: 1500 MB total, 1500 MB in Use

Thank you.

I can’t really say why there is an issue but that is a very new driver and, FYI, the card has only 32 processing units and 128MB dedicated RAM.

As it is a new PC I assume you did install Studio 1 from a download. But as it isn’t supported I can’t see support responding to you.

Lame, but try reinstalling.

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Yeah, did that…a few times…a few different ways. I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks Don.

You might contact the mfg of the laptop tech support and ask if the graphics card can be upgraded to something much faster and with 4GB of VRAM. Then you would have to go to a computer shop to get it done. Costly but things should perform much better. My advice is to buy desktop computers that can be easily upgraded unless you travel a lot and need a computer.

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Thanks Ron. I do have ahem…a few desktop computers lol, but I use that little guy when traveling. It is a little 13" 2in1 that has little, if any, hardware flexibility. With the 4GB of Vram and 32GB ram it runs all of what I need while traveling. It is a fairly new unit and surprisingly the only computer I have that won’t install TS1 (which is still my favorite Topaz app). I have larger laptops that do have more hardware flexibility, but of course they are heavier. Oh well, it does install TS2 and everything else I need while gone. Since TS1 is no longer supported, I was hoping someone in the forums had a similar solved problem in the past. Happy 2020!

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I had the same problem with a program called Studio Artist 5 by Synthetik. It would not install on my desktop computer. Their tech support couldn’t solve it either so I gave up.

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