Help correcting both duplicate and missing frames from same source

There’s a movie called “Runt,” it was Cameron Boyce’s last performance before passing too soon. Unfortunately, there are major frame rate issues baked into the master that was used for both the streaming and Blu-ray versions of the film. (I own the Blu-ray, and I’ve checked both iTunes and Amazon versions, they all have this issue.)

I’ve tried many TVAI frame interpolation algorithms but can’t quite seem to crack it. The source is 23.976, with BOTH duplicate frames and missing frames throughout. My ultimate goal would be to smooth that out with a 23.976 final output so it still looks film-like, but I’m open to 48 or 60 fps if that’s what it takes.

If anyone wants to take a crack at it, here’s a link to a 1 minute clip. This is directly from the Blu-ray, no processing or re-encoding. Thanks for any help!!

Unfortunately the pattern of skipped and duplicated frames isn’t exactly uniform, both skips and dups seem to be every 23 or 24 frames, and I noticed a 22 frame interval too at or near frame 260.

The most accurate way of recovering the original source would be to manually identify all the skips then use TVAI to interpolate and create each missing frame, one at a time. You’d need to work in image sequences of course and TVAI might then be able to remove all the dups but I don’t know how good it is at doing that.

I’ve done that myself with a short scene but of course it’s not practical for a movie.

So I think you are left with software to ID the skips and interpolate the missing frames but I don’t think there’s anything commercially available. I presume you’ve already tried a few things with Handbrake but there’s some discussion about these issues and some code too over at Videohelp - try these links if you have a few hours to spare to digest and try it all!

I need to try this too but haven’t had the time to run and try the scripts yet. Good luck!

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Thanks so much for the ideas. My experience with using scripts for video processing is pretty limited, but I’ll see if I can make heads or tails of this!