Help client select new MacBook

I have a client that relies heavily upon Denoise AI, Sharpen AI, & Photo AI to post-process images and is ready to purchase a new MacBook to replace a 2018 15" MacBook Pro and asked for my assistance in making a selection.

Is there a comparison somewhere that shows benchmarks for the various plugins on different platforms? I know that it is probably too soon to expect anything on the new 15" MBA, but would like to be able to compare the 14" M2Pro MBP with the 16" M1Max MPB.

In general, do the Topaz plugins prefer more cores, more memory, more drive space? (I know, “yes”) Trying to help him reduce his processing time while not blowing up his bank account any more than necessary.

If this is not the proper forum in which to ask this question, I apologize and would appreciate a pointer to a better venue.

Thank you!