HDR in Video Enhance AI

I couldn’t post in proper sub, so I’ll ask here:

Would it be possible to create HDR out from traditional SDR content with Video AI?

For example Windows 11 now has “auto-HDR” feature, to add HDR output to SDR games, and this was previously in Xbox.


Yes, Offcourse you can create HDR out from traditional SDR content with Video AI

i dont see this as an option anywhere in the software

There is currently no HDR option anywhere. But could Topaz comment whether this could be done in future releases?


Would be interested to know about this myself.

Good question! It would be nice.

Looks to me like you were just trolling? Clearly VEAI offers no such functionality.

You have to output to ProRes or a 16bit format and then you can re-encode that into an HDR color space no problem

Hello, I now have ProRes test video, what exact process you recommend to re-encoding it to HDR?

I’ve tried shortcut and handbrake, but none of these allow exporting into HDR.

Of course they don’t. Like I told the man yesterday, having a 10-bit color-depth is cute, but doesn’t automagically transform your video into a HDR movie with appropriately increased nits. If only.

DaVinci Resolve Studio can do it, btw, but is a hassle.

I usually do it with ffmpeg on the command line, if you are doing h265 output, you can specify a 10bit color space on the output with the Main10 profile. When I get to my PC I can find one of the commands I use and paste it here if you would like

Also, StaxRip is pretty good, I suggest using that

Pour discuter il faut etre d’accord, as the French say, because I think we’re at cross-purposes here. Having a 10-bit color space does not automagically equate to HDR. Not even close. HDR requires special tone (re)mapping, requires SMPTE ST 2086 master display color volume info SEI (HDR) be inserted into your stream, as well as content light level info SEI as “cll,fall” (nits ceiling and lowest blacklevel). And sits in a different color-space altogether (typically BT 2020).

So, please, kindly stop saying VEAI can do this, or Staxrip, or any ‘regular’ tool that can handle 10-bit (like ffmpeg). They can’t, and you’re only confusing customers. Would be nice if VEAI were to add some sort of SDR2HDR functionality, but currently it can’t. And no, Staxrip won’t help with that, sorry.

Please! Also, wouldn’t the color profile have to be Rec. 2020? Handbrake has the 10bit profile, which I already tried, but (obviously) my oled tv doesn’t recognize the video as hdr, just 10bit sdr content.

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I understand you perfectly, I JUST want to see how it would look if I just slap my 10bit SDR content into television recognizable HDR. It most obviously will look horrible, but I just want to see what happens =)

Exactly what I’ve been saying in this, and the other HDR thread too. You’re not going to get HDR from just going 10-bit. Not with Staxrip, nor with ffmpeg. Sorry.

You will need something like DaVince Resolve Studio, which can actually do it (not fully automated, but has a new HDR color-wheel that can be used to set blacklevels and brightness, etc). DaVince Resolve Studio is advanced software, though, so still experimenting with it myself, at the moment.

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Hehe, already tried that once, just bluntly encoding a bit of SDR to rec 2020. Only thing that happened – which was expected, really – is that the output looked like way oversaturated. (For the same reason HDR viewed as SDR looks way too faint).

Yeah I just checked Resolve Studio video about this, but don’t want to purchase it just to test and get obvious results. So project dump at this point.

Until the time when VEAI will have SDR2HDR engine!