'HD Preview' does not match thumbnail previews

The ‘HD Preview’ does now display the image the way it resolves to Photoshop CC; however, the thumbnail presets do not now, in any way, show an accurate representation of OR match the ‘HD Preview’, which currently makes the thumbnail presets useless.
When the ‘HD Preview’ button is pressed, the preview changes completely and no longer matches the thumbnail preview.
How can this issue be corrected.
The thumbnails with the presets need to accurately (be, at least, a reasonable representation) of the ‘HD Preview’ will look like.
My workflow is all color balanced.
Support ticket submitted, support has not resolved issue.
Thanks, in advance, for any and all assistance.
fran (fleblanc)

One of the problems with relying on a preview to give you an accurate reflection of the changes you have made is size. To accurately see what the actual image will look like when returned to PS is to view it in Studio at 100% and to make sure that your machine is using the same colour mode as that which you have saved the image in.

This preview mode is an in-between that allows you to trade off speed for accuracy.

When we render the thumbnails, the images you see are downsampled, due to the large amount of processing that can potentially go into each one (10+ Adjustment presets, etc.).

We’re working on a better solution, but for now, there are a few Adjustments (Smudge, Radiance) that will need that HD preview in order to see the accurate output. It’s a bit slower, but we acknowledge that it’s a requirement for some Adjustments. It will improve over time :slight_smile:

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Are you saying that the HD previews in TS cannot be relied upon? My
computer is color balanced.

No - what I am saying is that the preview is a small image, when you return to PS the full size of the image will be larger and the appearance of the image can be changed. So before you leave studio enlarge the preview to the full size and this will give you a clearer idea of how the larger image has reacter to the changes.

Your computer may be color balanced but when you save in Studio there is a choice of sRGB and ProPhoto. The colour gamut of these two colour profiles is different and one may not be in tune with whatever your color balance is tuned to which is why I suggested you check this carefully. I don’t believe that color balancing will influence the color profile and this is what the sRGB and ProPhoto are - profiles.

And Joe has explained above that there are at the moment some trade-offs - speed and accuracy are both very demanding of computer power.

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Thank you for responding…
My issues are not with color balance. See what I produce at fleblanc.com. I started using Photoshop with v2 (the first version available for the PC) on a 286 computer. And I use ICC profiles.
I understand the speed v. accuracy conundrum. I would ask, “who won the race, the rabbit or the turtle.” Art buyers do not buy speed, they buy accuracy and quality.
The thumbnails in the presets are not even remotely similar to the HD preview, which leaves the presets worthless.
Where can I find tutorials demonstrating how to use these new TS modules without relying on your presets?
Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

fran at fleblanc.com

First of all I should explain that this is a user forum - there are moderators and folk with some experience. The only person who is a ‘Topaz’ guy is Joe Fredric and he did reply to you.

The ‘save’ option when you have finished making adjustments to your image has choices. If you save as a Jpeg (and personally I would not save my work as a jpeg as this format is lossie and you may well lose information in the process of saving) you can choose different qualities of saving the image. Max will give you the best quality but being a jpeg some information will be lost. If you save as a Tiff then all the information is retained but the color profile of your machine (NOT color balance) should closely match that of the choice you make. ProPhoto has a slightly wider gamut of colours than sRGB and there is a difference in the colour quality of the saved image. The colour balance is not a guide of the colour profile and the screen will still need to be calibrated fairly regularly.

We’re aware presets aren’t as accurate as they can be, but please understand - only some Adjustments even need the HD preview option. Those would be:

  • Smudge
  • Radiance
  • Precision Contrast

Please also keep in mind we’ve been releasing a ton of updates, and we’re not done. If you have feedback to provide, we’ll listen :slight_smile:

I do appreciate the users comments.
I use tiff and ProPhoto, always. And am a very experienced user.
I have not been experiencing an issue with color balance.

Is anyone noticing an issue with TS and Photoshop CC ‘smart objects’ not playing nice together??

Again, thanks to all for your assistance.

fran (fleblanc) fleblanc.com

We do not support Smart Objects.

A couple of questions for JoeFedric-TL

Is TS not a plugin to be used in/with Photoshop?
Topaz advertises that it is Photoshop CC compatible, do they not?
Does that mean that all adjustments are ‘baked in’ when I leave TS and return to Photoshop?
If the answers to the above questions is “YES”, I hope Topaz takes this as the constructive criticism which it is intended to be and corrects the problem.
fran (fleblanc) fleblanc.com

Our products currently work on raster image layers in RGB images only, in Photoshop. They do not work on CMYK or Greyscale images. They do not work on adjustment layers. They do not work on smart objects or smart layers.

We support host editors in the raster image layer capacity only, and do not see it as a problem, because the vast majority of our customers do not care about smart objects, CMYK, or Greyscale. Instead, they care about which effects they used most recently. We attempt to auto-apply your last used effect, when possible, which conflicts with Smart Object functionality. In essence, we took the path long ago to provide this feature, as requested by our customers, to whom we are beholden.

If you want to edit non-destructively, I would suggest using project files to accomplish that. If we have enough interest from our customers in supporting Smart Objects, then we will do so. Until then, I recommend project files to edit non-destructively.

For what it’s worth, I’m not intending to be defensive. I’m only explaining why certain things won’t work, if you try them. You can test the statements I’ve made above, and you’ll find them to be true. We support the editors, for what our products are intended to do. After listening to our customers, we’ve implemented the preferred feature.

Thanks for the quick response.
I will try ‘project files’.
I appreciate the assistance and have been a long time user of your products.

fran (fleblanc) fleblanc.com


Got my answer.