Hazy Dayz at Lake Granby II


When I stopped to photograph this scene, the primary subject that interested me was the receding mountains and all their different shades. So I decided to work on the image some more, in an effort to place emphasis on the subject compared to the first version I posted.

All these followup adjustments were done in LR. After playing a bit, I modified the toning to something I liked more. Also tweaked a couple of the basic sliders and added a little on the clarity slider. Finally, I cropped some off the right side, cutting off about half of the peninsula in the lower right. That required a little cloning and touch up to replace it with water. Not too practiced at that type of cloning, but I think I did somewhat OK.

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Beautifully peaceful! Love the shades of gray.

I love the depth here, it really makes the pic. As to the cloning, I can’t tell where it is so you did great !

Beautiful capture and edit …

A lovely landscape. :grinning:

I like this version because of the natural B&W look without the color tone that you added in the first one. I think it brings out the mountain & sky tones better. You did a decent job with your cloning, I can barely tell if you hadn’t mentioned it, but I may have also cloned out those 2 bulk objects on the right in the water as well?

I think that the BW does a great job emphasizing the haze. I also like the composition and clouds and nice job with the cloning!

Thank you very much for your comments!! @Michigander @OldGuy2 @BobKramer @cruzinova57 @cre8art @KenKv

I’m glad I did more word on this image; I definitely think the new crop and reduced toning do a much better job showing the depth and layers in the haze, which is what prompted making the image.

I think they’re buoys or channel markers. I’ve thought about cloning them out; it would be easy with the spot removal tool. I don’t mind them, but I know some folks find things like that distracting.

Glad you all enjoyed the image. Best regards.

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