Hawaiian Leis

“If you are afraid to do something, then you must decide to do it, or remain forever afraid.”

So the lady that runs the gallery that I hang things from time to time keeps pestering me to have something printed on metal. I’m a bit of a traditionalist in this regard and like to do my own printing. Anyway, not wanting to remain forever afraid, I finally gave in and decided to give it a try. Here’s what I’m sending off.

Also, the history of the Hawaiian lei dates back to the early Polynesians that arrived by canoe. The most popular legend was when you set sail to go home, if you toss your lei overboard and it floats toward the beach, you will someday return to the island.


Nice image and painting effect.

Glad to hear that you are trying something new. I would like to hear about who you used and what your thoughts are about the quality and cost. Good luck.

I always enjoy your background stories of Hawaiian culture. I hope to return one day?

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