Have asked for help but no response

I own most of the plugins, but some from a previous email address. I see that Clarity, Detail, Glow, Impression, Simplify, and Texture Effects show up on the left in Studio. However, all but 4 Adjustments still say Go Pro. I have requested help with Request # 147070 almost a week ago, and did get a confirmation of the request, but no other reply. I am totally confused. I have Checked for Adjustment Updates, and Reset Local Database, but nothing has changed. I thought that the Adjustments that go with my plugins are supposed to be free, but they still say Go Pro. Will someone please help me?
Thanks, Sheila

Firstly I would try Help-> Reset Local Database and see if that helps. Note that you must login through Studio which will confirm your ownership.

If that doesn’t help please carefully read and follow these articles/instructions here … especially noting what Pro Adjustments are included for each of Clarity, Detail, Glow, Impression, Simplify and Texture Effects:


I have tried Reset Local Database about 4 times and nothing changes.
I checked the link you gave, and all but 4 of the adjustments that should be free for me are Go Pro. Here is a screen shot of the plugins I own ( from Photoshop):

You can see that I should have more of the adjustments. I think it is because I purchased many of my plugins with my previous email address. I did state this in my Request and gave my old email address, but no one has answered me and I don’t know how to get them to give me the adjustments.

You need to sign in to your account (old email address) then select ‘Change my details’ from the My Account menu and update your email address.

After that select Community-> Switch Users and sign in with your new email address and synch adjustments and those you are entitled to will be added.

I am unable to sign in with my old email address. I have tried all the passwords I think I used, but Topaz says they are wrong. I do have copies of every email from topaz sales for every one of my plugins, which I could send copies of to whoever would need them. I don’t know what else I can do. I still have not heard from anyone about my request, which asked for old email addresses, and I did give the one I used from when I first ordered Topaz Bundle.
Please tell me what I can do.

On the sigin page click on “Lost your password”, enter your previous email and if it still is in use click on the link you are sent to reset your password.

However, if you cannot use that email address, submit a ticket at “Connect … Help: Classic Plugins”, then click on submit a request and select Customer Service and ask them to change your email and you will then be able to reset the login after they update your email address.

Many thanks, Don. Customer Service did change my email, and I then got the adjustments related to Clarity, Detail, Glow, Impression, Simplify and Texture Effects. However, I did not get the Pro adjustments for my other plugins, like BW Effects. I think I’m supposed to get them for free since the Plugins are now listed in my account. But I am not sure if I understand that correctly.

I wrote back to customer service asking about this, and hope they will answer soon.

I have really appreciated your help!!!


Just check the list of updated pluggins in the first link I gave … BW Effects has not been updated yet.

Oh, I see… So they will still be updating the plugins, and then they will update the adjustments. I had not understood what was going to happen.

Thanks again!!

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