Has Topaz gone all in on Photo AI and stopped updating DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI?

They are constantly updating Photo AI but they seem to have stopped providing updates for their other products? I really don’t use Photo AI so is there any reason to continue yearly subscription for their other software like DeNoise or Sharpen? It seems those programs are losing ground to competitors?


To respond to your topic line question, the answer is simply (and unfortunately) yes.

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I would also like to understand this, I have all the separate packages, Sharpen / Denoise / Gigapixel etc and also have Photo Ai.
Just want to understand if I should be using Photo AI from now on and leaving the others.
Just that If the other packages are not updating they will get left behind and based on old models.

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Is Photo AI replacing the other 3 AI products? I just upgraded and updated all my software, are you telling me I didn’t need to renew Denoise, gigapixel and sharpen and could have just purchased Photo AI?

I’ve never used Photo AI before, and when I upgraded, to me anyway, it kind of looked like the “image bundle” is all 4 products, but now I’m thinking PhotoAI does averything and the other 3 are redundant, is this correct?

I’m going to be pretty annoyed if I just paid for something I don’t need.

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Yes, AFAIK all 3 ai products will no longer be updated. They have been rolled into photo ai and that is possibly the only product to be updated in the future.

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I haven’t used my bundled products in a while and am getting ready to upgrade. Sorry to be redundant but you’re saying that Topaz AI now takes the place of Gigapixel AI and all the other ones? It has basically all the denoise, sharpening, and pixel upgrading capabilities of all the individual programs all rolled into one? Do you find that the one program does these individual actions as well or better than the individual programs used to do? Thanks!