Has anyone seen cpu and gpu usage when using models?

When I use models, my cpu and gpu usage seems to be different than Gaia.
I think other models use really cpu intensive than Gaia .
It’s almost 90-99% usage.
At this time, gpu usage is less than 50%.

Only Gaia uses all the gpu.
At this time, cpu usage is less than 50%.

Is this normal?
my cpu is amd 5900x, gpu is geforce rtx 4090 24gb, ram is 64gb.
I didn’t overclock anything because I value stability.
It always uses only 12gb of ram.
I wonder what other people’s cpu and gpu and ram usage is.

The weather is getting hot here.
I hope everyone has a good summer, is healthy and happy.

Yes this is normal—even in the older VEAI 2.6.4 version. Gaia uses more GPU than any of the other models.

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Thank you for your kind reply.
So this program means that CPU is more important than GPU to upgrade own computer?

Good question. Checkout the benchmarks section.
For most older computers, I recommend upgrading the GPU as that will give the greatest increase in speed. The faster the GPU, the more work the CPU needs to do. So to get the most out of a newer GPU I think a CPU with more than 8 cores is needed. (Not Xeons though. Those have a lot of slow cores.)

An oft overlooked factor is also RAM speed. It needs to be matched to your CPU speed. When I first built my current PC (Intel 12900KF w/DDR5 and a Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti) I used DDR5-4400 memory (all I could afford). About 2 months ago, I switched to DDR5-6400 memory and the difference was quite noticeable: a roughly 4 frame per second increase pretty much across all models.

So, clearly, the slower RAM was holding my entire system back.

Thanks for sharing. I knew it was a factor with AMD CPUs but was not sure about Intel. Good to know.

About 2 months ago, I switched to DDR5-6400 memory

That’s interesting, because this: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Core+i9-12900KF&id=4611

says this: Memory Support: Max. Memory Size: 128 GB (Up to DDR5 4800 MT/s, Up to DDR4 3200 MT/s)

Can the CPU somehow use the memory specification “over and above” the listed maximum? Granted, your upgrade went from 4400 to at least the 4800 max.

4 FPS is a substantial increase, although you don’t state what you are upscaling (e.g. - 480p to 1080p, 1080p to 4K, etc.).

I was tempted to start looking at faster RAM but my processors are using the max RAM specified.

It would be nice to get some “definitive word” from Topaz as to “what actually helps you to achieve better performance.” RAM is an easy upgrade.

I had asked about performance in another thread. I had noted very low CPU and GPU usage via Task Manager – approximately teens in CPU and single digits in GPU. Memory usage is very low as well – about 25% of total. Topaz rep said not to use Task Manager for measurement as that’s unreliable. Instead recommended GPU-Z, which I declined to install, given that there really isn’t much I can upgrade without buying a new laptop. This laptop, BTW, is a Dell Precision 7760 with i9-11950H and NVIDIA RTX A4000 GPU. I’m doing a 2x upgrade on a 1440 x 1080 video of about 50 minutes, and this takes about 11 hours to complete the upgrade.

My machine seems to be idling while running this software, through multiple versions.
12900k, 64Gb ddr5, m.2’s ssd’s, 3090 OC.

I have been looking for a clear answer as to the bottle neck for a while here with nothing coming up as to why.
Other rendering software gras resources and is hungry to use them. VEAI seems to stall to well below 50% utilization. I use it for slowmotion mainly and a bit of upscale. The Aion model is fantastic, but it pains me to watch paint dry while it appears as if the machine is not being fully utilized. The mystery continues for me it seems.