Has anyone found a way to fix Chronos Stutter?

Hi folks – broadly speaking I’m a huge fan of this product.

However, one issue I run into time and again is a stutter/freeze frame that occurs about every second when I do any type of slow-mo. This happens no matter what version of Chronos, and even if I run the video through Handbrake first to ensure constant frame rate.

I’ve seen this discussed on other forums and Reddit, and am wondering if there’s a fix for this/workaround? I’ve tried just about everything and am at wit’s end.

I think I know things. Would you be able to share a short clip of your video without transcoding it at all?

Frame rate conversions can cause this, but it’s not always noticeable at normal speed. When you slow things down, it is! Can you report the original file frame rate as stated by say Mediainfo? You may be able to check for any dropped or duplicated frames in VLC player or a video editor, using single frame advance.

Have you tried using Chronos with some clean video that you know has definitely not had a frame rate change?