Hardware recommendation

Hello! I’ve been experimenting with the trial version of Topaz for a few days. Unfortunately my MacMini late 2012 seems to be too slow for this task. Render time between 20 - 40 seconds per frame. I would mainly upscale SD video to FHD. The goal would be to get to something like 10 times real time (or better) speed on render time. But what hardware should I invest in with a limited budget?

Would an extrenal GPU for my MacMini achieve that goal? Or one of the last Intel Mac’s (used)? Or are the Silicon Macs even better for this purpose? (Graphics card) The MacMini M2 is much cheaper than a MacStudio with “only” M1 CPU. Which of them is faster? Or should I better take a windows pc anyway? Many questions and hope for answers… Thanks!

Hi there! The machine you are currently using more than likely does not meet our system requirements. With this in mind, I would not recommend going the e-GPU route.

You will have the best performance with the M1/M2 builds unless you are able to find a used Intel Mac with a very robust GPU that’s CPU meets our requirements as well.

You may be interested in our user compiled benchmarking.