Hardware for Digitizing camcorder video

Does anyone have any recommendations for Mac compatible hardware for digitizing VHS (or any standard def video)? I’m looking for hardware which will scan both fields so that I can then deinterlace in Topaz Video AI.

I would avoid any of the usb capture devices you can buy on Amazon. Most only out H264 and are lossy and don’t work with newer OS. I use an old Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle which allows you to capture better quality via composite or component input. However, it can’t stabilise unsteady video which requires a timebase corrector. There are some older DVD recorders that have a pass-through ability and some abilities to get around that problem. This can be an expensive trap, so unless you have hours of tape it may be overkill, as you can find video transfer companies that should have the ability digitise with frame synchronisers and timebase correctors and give you a video file. The Videohelp.com site has tons of information if you want to delve into this. Look for restoration.

My father bought a machine that takes a VHS and records it straight to DVDR. Knowing him, I doubt he paid much for it, and it’s quality might not be the best. It is easy enough to rip the DVDs though and they keep all the interlacing from the nature of VHS.
I do think that sending your VHS tapes to a professional service would yield better results, but you can decide if that’s even an option for you.

hello, always favor firewire which captures in avi at 22000 kb/s on average :slight_smile: I used a camcorder for my 8mm and hi8 tapes but for vhs, you have to find firewire compatible equipment.

I am using OBS software with the hardware I have and it records to mp4. Given the crappy quality of the source material, I am okay with a compressed file as I can choose a higher data rate. I can’t output composite as the output from the Hi8 video camera is only S-Video. (I know I said VHS in the title, but I actually meant to say Hi8). Will check out that site you suggest. Thanks.

Changed the title from VHS to camcorder video.

Firewire is not compatible with new Macs. What did you use to connect your Hi8 to your Mac? Firewire?

Sorry, I had forgotten the reference to the Mac, I did it with Windows via a Firewire card bought 60 euros. With Mac I don’t know how to do it