Hand painted portrait

After attending a webinar by Isis Sousa on portrait painting in Corel Painter, I did this version of her painting. Sousa is an exceptional artist and I couldn’t do hair as she does. I just used her painting for reference (like she used a photo) and hand painted many layers. A little adjustment in Topaz and then I used AI Remix to produce my colorful version.


I really like the stylized second one Ron …nice job.


Remix has worked very well here

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Both versions I really like.

Thanks Bob. I was calling the preset Warhol but then I looked at some of Andy Warhol’s work and decided I can do better than that. Of course he didn’t have the tools we have today.

Thanks for the comments Mond and Jan.

Looks awesome…

Very nice work, Ron. My fav is the second one.

The second one would be a good art piece for the wall.