Halemaumau Crater, Kilauea

Aloha! Given what’s been going on here on the Big Island, I decided to repost my rendering of the Kilauea’s Halemaumau crater which was taken in 2016 from the Volcano House at the Volcano’s National Park. I’m also posting an informative link below that has a great video of the Fissure 8 Flow: From Vent to Sea. They are beginning to talk about how fissure 8 may replace the function of the Halemaumau vent. The video clip is in the middle of the article and worth looking at.

One thing I’ve learned about living in Hawaii is that nothing stays the same. There are so many things that I’ve photographed that are no longer here. Nothing is forever and Pele is such a bitch these days.


What techniques did you use to create this?

I really like the image, very dynamic! Very nice creative processing and very interesting link.