Had to uninstall and then reinstall Photo AI with this update and one previous one

This is not a big problem but does require one to take the time to go through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling - which, given the size of the program and its models is not insignificant. But, nevertheless, worth it.

I am not complaining - just reporting.

Similar problem, but you shouldn’t have to un-install, just use the installer on this site and re-install, it will make use of some of the files on your PC (I think) without downloading everything from scratch.
I still agree its something that needs to be fixed.
Im not impressed by the number of issues with software from Topaz, too many issues for a product we are paying for.
I still cant use video AI, even though my system meets minimum requirements.

I did start to use a uninstaller software for anything.

Does cause a lot less problems with anything.

Nvidias drivers are most prone to error than the one of AMD, so i use DDU to uninstall Nvidias drives.

AMD has its own unistaller software you can download from their website, Nvidia has not (that tells me a lot).

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Except for a crashing problem I had with with newer versions versions Gigapixel - when up sizing large files 40, 40 in at 300 DPI to 48 z 48 at 300 DPI and the same problem with up sizing with Photo AI - due likely to the fact I that I have an older computer (which I solved by installing an older version of Gigapixel from 2020 - I have had few problems with with the Topaz software and real wouldn’t want to have to live without it.

I find it can achieve nye on near to miraculous results if used adroitly and carefully.