Grinding to a halt

I have a 2021 iMac.
successfully edited about 900 photos in my library.
Now editing process is slower and slower - nearly ground to a halt.
Clean my Mac says I have run out of memory; BUT this did not happen originally for the first 900photos. I have turned off Safari and email and Music - still no improvement. Pls HELP…

Please submit a support ticket at using the beacon at the bottom right corner of the page. We’ll be able to continue troubleshooting using specific info about your computer and the images you’re processing.

Thanks for prompt reply.

Initially I tried re-booting. Topaz; did not work.

Then Computer off and on: did not work.

So, took the “Nuclear” option - Deleted Topaz - then re-loaded.

Pleased to say all is good - edited another 72 today.

Big thanks for “Topaz”. I am consistently amazed at the benefits my old photos are receiving.

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Glad you got it working now! Reach out anytime if you have other questions.

deleted comment and move to video ai

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