What causes griding in Topaz AI deniose


Would you mind sharing some screenshots or example files of what type of problems you are having with your images to help give us a better understanding of how to troubleshoot this issue? Also it’s important to note the DeNoise AI has recently been moved to our Legacy Applications and will no longer be updated. Are you reaching out to us in regard to that application or Topaz Photo AI?

Hi John
This Youtube video I found explains the grinding problem


The grid patterns in this video are occurring due to overprocessing while using the RAW denoise feature. This can usually be resolved by lowering the strength of the filter being used or removing the editing layer.

Our developers are constantly working to improve our AI models in order to allow our users the best editing experience. I appreciate you sharing this Youtube video review with us and please always feel free to reach out to us here or you can send us an email at