Green marks when using Topaz Denoise?

I’m experiencing strange very bright green marks when running images through DeNoise (3.7.2). They look like the kind of warning highlights you get on files when a camera alerts you to blown highlights or perhaps too much ink when print proofing - but this doesn’t seem to be in any of the settings and when I view in Lightroom and then PhotoShop they are actual coloured pixels on the image.

Any help much appreciated!

I’m experiencing the same issue! Any guidance?

I have the exact same issues. The green blotches appear in areas where the original image had the whites or highlights high/blown out. The highlights and white levels were corrected before running DeNoise.

It is a headache. I’ve searched the web and as far as I can tell it’s a bug in this version, hoping next one will resolve it. Using Photo AI as a workaround.