Graphics cards using Video Enhance AI

Hi there, I’m using VEAI from the very first beginning/since first launch.
Beside the mostly impressive results in order to improve video quality my problem was all the times the long render/export times.
I used all the time my GTX 1660 graphics card.
Now I switched to a RTX 2070 super gaming x graphics card. This was really a huge boost in order to shorten the render/export times. I couldn’t believe it first, that the difference is so high.
Mostly I use VEAI not to upsize to e.g. 4K. I only improve/enhance 1080p footage on 100% size level either with GAIA or Artemis mode.
GAIA has almost the highest render/times.
With my old GTX 1660 it took in average 3-5 seconds per frame. With the RTX 2070 SUPER it takes now in average only 0,5 - 1,1 seconds per frame. This is a really impressive improvment.
If I export using the Artemis Medium mode the render time per frame is now 0,3 -0,5 seconds per frame. Also really impressive.
I’m angry with myself, wating too long the graphics card upgrade. But, as you know all the graphics cards increased up to double or triple prices.

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Because GTX 1660 doesn’t have tensor cores that it has to use CUDA cores instead which is much slower than tensor cores. Users should only buy Nvidia RTX graphics cards only.


I am processing my files witn an RTX 2070 super too. Render times are acceptable indeed. :slight_smile:

For me it is with the RTX 2070 super fast enough in that moment. I save now a lot of time in comparison to my old GTX 1660.

Are the RTX 30… again faster then the RTX 2070? Or nearly the same working with VEAI.
I guess, VEAI has on one end a “limit”, that some graphics card are faster, but not faster working with VEAI. Or not?

RTX 3000 series is really good for machine learning AI. Double the speed of RTX 2000 series.

I have now a different question using high end graphics cards with VEAI:

I recognize after rebooting windows (10) very fast rendering/export times.
Since 3 days I recognize then using VEAI for different clips/files again, that the rendering times needs more than double times!
Close and reopen VEAI doesn’t help. Also deleting temporary files doesn’t help.
I have again to reboot windows (10). Then VEAI works pretty good.
Is there a workaround where I don’t need to reboot windows in order getting VEAI working fast?

Which model and output are you using?

Mostly Gaia 5 HQ, but also Artemis Medium Quality

Try to uninstall your GPU driver and reinstall it. Do the same to VEAI and see if that helps.