Graphics card

I have to buy a new desktop computer. I’m looking at an HP Pavilion 8th generation that has a 2gb AMD graphics card. Is this enough to handle the Topaz Filters and photos?

The thing to make sure is that you meet at least the minimum recommended requirements that are listed in this article.

I would also keep in the back of your mind is that because Topaz has chosen to go down this path it seems that the types of Effects get more and more demanding on the GPU.

I do believe that NVIDIA seem to be the preferred option but for AMD/Desktop the recommended GPU is a Radeon R7 360 2GB or better.

All I can suggest is make sure that if there is a integrated GPU you will most certainly need a external GPU, by that I mean a GPU that is separate to the mainboard on a desktop. And have SSD’s at least for the primary boot drive.

Thanks Don. There is a 4GB option available for $100 U.S.D.

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