Grant house

I painted the Grant House in Corel Painter and I wanted to see what kind of effects Topaz Studio would have. I added a Basic Adjustment layer, and Remix AI and Gigapixel AI to downsize file


Very nicely done.

Beautiful work, Raquel !

^^ Agreed, very nicely done Ricci. Beautiful textures and colors.

In Painter, did you paint from scratch, clone, or some mixture of those?

Best regards

Lovely results …

Thank you, I started with a photo that I shot at Fort Vancouver. I started with cloning using different brushes, just to get the foundation down. After that I painted free hand using brushes that I created.

I thought the house would be better if it was pushed back so I added more canvas to the bottom and painted the grass and the path leading to the house. After I finished I flipped the image.

Original image


Nice work Ricci, nicely balanced colors…

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Thanks for the description of your process. It’s a beautiful transformation from the base photo. Nice work!

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This caught my eye, Ricci. It is beautiful and lovely work, combining other photos to make it magnificent.

Very beautiful painting and thanks that you shared how you achieved the final look.

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@Seabreeze Thank you but I didn’t combine other photos but I used the house in Corel Painter and then painted from my imagination for the rest of the image. I used Topaz to change colors and make it more dramatic.

A beautiful work of art.

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wow, how very creative!

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You are very talented. My apologies for assuming you used photos.

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Wonderful artwork, great technique!

Thank you very much for showing your photo and explaining your methods

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Noticed Artisan-West called you Raquel. Since it is such a pretty name, and my wife and I have a very good friend also named Raquel, would it be OK if I also address you that way?

Since you obviously do some painting, I thought you might be interested in some Impression Photoshop brushes Adobe is offering for free. The ones we have in the Topaz presets are wonderful, but these may give you a bit more creative possibilities.

You don’t have to leave an email, there is no charge, just hit the “download the brushes here” text. There is quite a lot of info about the brushes, you can see examples and there is a brief video about them.

Also, not sure if you know it but when I saw that big open blue sky, which really needs a cloud in it, there are some wonderful Photoshop cloud brushes available for free. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send the information. You basically just install the brushes in Photoshop, then go to your brush window and pick one out and brush it into your image.

Here is just one example of what you can do. It took just a couple of seconds.

Yes, Terry you can call me Raquel. My grandfather nicked named me Ricci when I was about five, so when people have a hard time remembering Raquel, I just say call me Ricci.

Thank you for the brushes I downloaded them and installed them into Painter and they are fabulous. I have Photoshop CS5 but its so old now that I don’t use it much anymore, PaintShop Pro has taken its place. You may not know that both Corel Painter and PaintShp can use abr brushes.

This is why I use Painter for painting, is it looks and feel like real paint. Painted from my imagination


Ricci, you have a good imagination. :+1: Very pretty.

Best regards

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I appreciate this talent you have Raquel. it makes me smile because of the coincidence of you mentioning your painting on the Grant house image, that I saw just today and the email from Adobe concerning the information on the brushes that came only yesterday. My artistic abilities are mostly musical but I do appreciate paintings. Awfully good job, I’m very impressed. I hope you keep sharing them with us, and your husband doesn’t get too frustrated (as you mentioned before) with you being on the computer so much.

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Thank you Terry, I appreciate the complement
Yes my husband loves sports so I take time to enjoy that with him.
You can see more of my paintings at Flicker
Raquel | Flickr?

I do admire people with musical talent, but I do not have that gift.